Thank God for Air Conditioning

You know I’ve always been a fan of air conditioning. This most likely derives from the fact that I don’t do well in heat and thrive in the -20 degree weather of Minnesota’s winters. I now have another reason to love air conditioning courtesy of the Red Star:

Q What is your theory on how air conditioning has influenced politics?

A In 1960, only about 12 percent of homes were air-conditioned. Then it really took off and made it possible for larger populations to move to hotter regions, the South and the West. The Northeast and the Midwest have increased in population just 27 percent over that time, while the South and West have grown more than four times that much. The economic and political centers of gravity moved along with the population from the North to the Sun Belt, which traditionally is more conservative, bringing more red-state seats to the Electoral College. If we would have had the population distribution in 2000 that we had in 1960, Al Gore would have won the presidency.

That’s right air conditioning may have cost Al Gore the presidency. God I love air conditioning and irony, especially when they’re combined. Speaking of Gore how much do you think he spends to air condition his multi-million dollar mansion?

One thought on “Thank God for Air Conditioning”

  1. Air-conditioning was key in me making the transition from Minneapolis to Dallas. Now that I am without winter I must say it was the best thing I ever did.

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