Chicago Gun Database Isn’t Ready

Somebody call the whambulance because Mayor Daley is sad that the Chicago gun registry database isn’t online yet:

“It is annoying” that the registry isn’t yet in place, Daley said when asked about the topic after the City Council meeting.

“They should have it by now,” he said. “I’ll find out why they didn’t do that.”

The mayor said he doesn’t know why the database isn’t available to police and firefighters yet, but said it shouldn’t have taken this long.

Yes it’s frustrating that Daley’s hard on for a police state isn’t being fulfilled yet. How much money do you think Chicago spent to create this database? How much money do you think they spent enforcing their unconstitutional gun restrictions? How many lives have been lost in Chicago because possession of a means of self-defense can only be obtained by those with means (it costs money to get a gun permit in Chicago)?

Oh and this line from Daley is golden:

“Maybe it’s bureaucracy. I would ask the superintendent,” he said.

You’d know all about bureaucracy now wouldn’t you? I’m curious about this database, is it required to be online before the city will issue handgun permits? If that’s the case I wouldn’t be surprised if this “delay” is a purposeful attempt at preventing the peasants of Chicago from having a means to acquire handguns. Of course if this database isn’t required to be online in order for the peasants to get handgun permits then it could very well just be incompetence (or a means for the police department to beg for more money by claiming the delays are due to a tight budget).

Either way the denizens of Chicago can rest easy knowing Mayor Daley is on the case. What case that is I’m not really sure though.