Gun and Literacy

Wow I just found some comedy gold via Snowflakes in Hell. It seems the Brady Campaign let one of their people off of the leash and she is spouting all sorts of bullshit.

The latest claim being made is people who shoot one another are equally distributed among the educated and uneducated. The Brady Shill also claims that most of these people weren’t criminals until they shot somebody. Sebastian smacks the Brady Shill upside the head with some actual facts which decimate the anti-gunner argument.

I wanted to make a statement on the Brady Shill’s following claim though:

Most homicides occur among people who know each other and often the shooter was not a criminal until he/she pulled the trigger.

Sebastian’s post shows this isn’t true at all. My question though is how is this statement relevant (to anything)? A fact to bring up is there isn’t a single first time criminal who was a criminal before committing their first crime. For example a person with no criminal history embezzles money from his company, he was not a criminal until he embezzled the money. A 14 year-old kid with no criminal history hacks into a state department computer, he was not a criminal until breaking into that system.

The Brady Shill seems to imply a desire to ban all potential devices that can be used by people to commit their first crime. Shall we ban automobiles? The first “crime” many teenagers commit is speeding when they get their driver license. Many teens weren’t criminals until the first time they exceeded the speed limit, so by the Brady Shill’s logic we need to control automobiles.

I believe in practicing what you preach so I believe it would be a good move by Brady Shill to prove her conviction and get rid of her computer. After all many malicious hackers were never criminals until they used a computer.

One thought on “Gun and Literacy”

  1. Thankfully, since this is not a particularly new tactic for the anti-rights community to take, there are some pretty easy counterpoints to bring to bear… If all firearm-owners are just potential criminals waiting for the right moment to snap, then all males are potential rapists looking for the right moment to snap.

    Then go from there :).

    Unfortunately, I know for certain that such a comparison would go right over Joan’s head, but such is life.

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