Illinois Police Stealing Money

Illinois has appeared twice on this site today, how unfortunate for them. First Mayor Daley of Chicago is whining that his beloved database of peasants who are armed isn’t ready. Now I learned via Dvorak Uncensored that the Aurora Police Department are refusing to comply with a judge’s order to return $190,040 of money they stole:

Though neither Jose nor Jesus Martinez is charged with a crime, authorities are seeking forfeiture of $190,040 found in Jesus’ truck when he was stopped by an Aurora police officer on Oct. 18.

A Kane County judge ordered the money returned, but the city has refused.

The police followed the “logic” that anybody who has a large quantity of cash on hand is a drug-dealer and thus the money can be forcefully stolen by the state. What’s most interesting is a judge ordered the police to return the stolen money but they are refusing. I think this is a little outside of their authority. Then again I don’t understand where they received the authority to steal money from private citizens with no evidence or charges of any wrong doings.

These officers should be arrested themselves for armed robbery (they were armed when they stole the money so might as well do the same to them as they would do to any of us).