Wait… What

This has to be one of the biggest what in the fucking fuck moments in history:

Queensland police have appealed for public assistance in finding 10 handguns stolen from a Brisbane gun club.

They have recovered 14 of 24 guns stolen at gunpoint from the Sporting Shooters Association’s Belmont club at 6.35am (AEST) last Thursday.

Apparently in Australia a two man team with a single rifle between them can rob a gun range. I’m imagining how this would go down at any gun range I’ve been to in the United States… yeah I can’t see this going down the same here. The main difference I see is there being one dead thug, another thug with wet pants, and every gun stored at the range still safely locked in their safes.

Seriously how to you rob a gun range and walk away without any additional holes in your person? I’m completely baffled by this.