So Much for Freedom of Speech

Did you hear about the war 131 protesters who were arrested in front of the White House last Thursday (December 16, 2010)? No? Yeah it doesn’t seem to have been reported too heavily.

Either way it’s sad to see that even though our Bill of Rights codifies the right of freedom against government censorship of speech, the government will arrest you for expressing that speech when it doesn’t approve. It really pisses me off that people are arrested for protesting on land that they in part own (all Federal property was purchased with American tax dollars and therefore we’re all part owners). Likewise they are protesting the actions of their employees (government officials). It seems once again that our employees seem to have the misguided assumption that they are our rulers, nothing too surprising there.

Fortunately for the protesters the charge brought against them was a misdemeanor and was punishable by having only $100.00 of your money forcefully removed from your bank account. Isn’t freedom great?