The Mexican Gun Canard… The Revenge 2

Between the anti-gunners whining and the ATF’s attempt to nab even more power this whole Mexican gun canard is getting out of hand. Anybody with half of a brain knows that Mexico’s drug cartels are obtaining their automatic rifles and grenades from somebody else as us lowly civilians can’t own such devices in this country.

Likewise all the laws the anti-gunners are clamoring for will only make life difficult on us regular citizens. What can be done when law enforcement personnel are the ones smuggling the guns?

Jesus A. Longoria, 31, of Brownsville, Texas, has been a Cameron County sheriff’s deputy since March 2006. On Dec. 17, before U.S. District Court Hilda G. Tagle, he pleaded guilty to the federal felony charge. He admitted that on May 5, 2010, while assigned to the Veterans’ and Gateway Ports of Entry to prevent stolen vehicles from leaving the United States, he attempted to send and export 13 semi-automatic firearms from the U.S. into Mexico.

Answer me this anti-gunners, how are all these laws making it more difficult for regular citizens to purchase firearms going to prevent government employees from smuggling firearms? In case you have problems with reading comprehension I’ll answer the question for you, they won’t.