It’s not Breaking and Entering when Politicians Do It

More head shaking news via Dvorak Uncensored has reared its ugly head. A New York senator who we’ll simply refer to here as Shit Head decided to go poking his nose in a home he wasn’t invited into, injured himself, and is suing the home owners:

Sen. Alesi claims in his lawsuit that he was hurt after deciding to look into the house of a Perinton, NY, couple, which was under construction under the time. The fun part is they didn’t know he was “looking into” their home, and he definitely was not invited, reports Rochester area WHEC News.

It gets better:

Alesi was cited in a sheriff’s report for criminal trespass, as the front door of the home was locked. He reportedly went to the back and snuck in through a basement level back door. He then tried to climb a ladder to the first floor, and fell, suffering leg injuries that required surgery. Alesi’s suit says the builders were negligent in maintaining a safe premises. DiRisio insists that the home was safe — for construction workers.

Yes Shit Head actually broke into the home, it wasn’t a case of a home under construction with no door attached yet. The asshole actually broke in, injured his dumb ass, and decided an appropriate response would be to sue his constituents. With “representatives” like this guy who needs the federal government to rain down tyranny?

One thought on “It’s not Breaking and Entering when Politicians Do It”

  1. Wow. Just… wow. One can only hope that the scumbag politician and his idiotic lawyers are laughed out of the courtroom by the judge – he obviously needs to be taken down a full ladder-full of pegs, especially since his self-inflicted defenestration does not appear to have stuck.

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