ATF Opens for Comments on Shotgun Study That Will be Ignored

Get your e-mail client of choice ready because the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has opened up the floor for comments on their latest shotgun “study.” I think it’s appropriate to remind them that three gun is a sport (and that their assholes but I digress):

You can comment on the report by e-mail to or by fax to (202)648-9601. The deadline for comments is May 1, 2011. Read the entire study online at:

So e-mail and/or fax your response to the above mentioned contacts. They’ll likely ignore us since they know what better for you and me than, well, you and me. But it’s always fun to complain.

One thought on “ATF Opens for Comments on Shotgun Study That Will be Ignored”

  1. Dear ATFE
    Why don’t you study the School/Governments “zero tolerance ” policies that have taught our children to have the same “zero tolerance” policies when dealing with the public? Policies which results in shooting as many as possible.
    Why don’t you study the media and Governments attack on religion? Affording the younger generation a “no consequence” for their actions and shoot as many as possible then themselves-no punishment!
    Why don’t you study our drug culture? Afraid there might be some truth about most shootings/murders?
    Why don’t we invade Mexico and crush the drug cartels? Our very own Government blames [peaceful gun owners} people like myself,for their greed and unruly violence? The guns did it???
    Why don’t you study all the children on prescription drugs and their effects on social conditions? Afraid of the truth?
    Why don’t you study our borders? Will that put a dent in your real mission if we actually secured this country?
    Do you really believe a restriction on type of weapon or well made or well suited for defense or otherwise,will really put an end to the deeply entrenched man made social problems that plague our country?
    Who’s side are you on anyway?The second Amendment is not about hunting or any “sport” event.
    “Shall not be infringed”

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