It Was Only a Matter of Time

I’m all for peaceful revolutions and protests but also realize that if the demands of the people aren’t met at some point a peaceful revolution will turn to violence. Sadly the time has come for Egypt as their dictator refused to stand down. Sure Mubarak promised not to run for re-election (Egypt does have “elections” but anybody who has ran against Mubarak has found themselves in prison on trumped up charges). The problem is the people wanted one thing and one thing only, Mubarak to get the fuck out.

Now there is fighting between “supporters” of Mubarak (it wouldn’t surprise me if we learn ten years from now that our own CIA started up the pro-Mubarak movement, they’ve done this shit plenty of times before) and those demanding his immediate resignation. Thankfully at the time of this writing it seems Egypt’s military is just staying the fuck out of it. I hope the people demanding Mubarak to step down win in the end but that’s mostly because I’m one of those crazy freedom loving libertarians who despises dictators of all forms.