The ATF Have Been Running Guns Since 2008

Man the hole keeps getting deeper for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms an Explosives (ATF). First they are caught providing guns to Mexican drug cartels and now documents have surfaced that the ATF has been doing this since 2008:

Multiple sources now tell CBS News the questionable tactics were used in more than one operation, and date back as far as 2008 in the Tucson area. One case was called “Wide Receiver.”

Sources tell CBS News licensed gun dealers often wanted no part of selling to suspicious characters who could be supplying the cartels.

But, sources say, ATF enlisted the gun dealers as paid Confidential Informants and encouraged them to sell even more.

“ATF has asked me to assist in an official investigation,” reads one agreement.

Gun salesmen closed the deals, and ATF watched and listened with recording devices.

Your tax dollars and government at work. It angers me to no end having to support an organization that is not only trying to restrict my rights but is also providing criminals with firearms while they claim they prevent exactly that. I think it’s obvious to anybody with cognitive capabilities that the ATF needs to be abolished.