Minnesota Senate Doesn’t Want You to Defend Yourself

The Minnesota senate has sent a clear message to the citizens of the state; we don’t want you being able to legally defend yourself in your own home. They sent this message in the form of blocking the Defense of Dwelling and Person Act from being voted on. I’m not at all surprised by this as our “representatives” have never really been too keen on actually representing us.

So what is to be done now? Well you should certainly call senate members and let them know you’re not too happy with their decision to avoid giving you better tools to defend yourself. You can also remember this next election cycle and ensure these “representatives” no longer have jobs. Personally I don’t take getting fucked by politicians well and thus will work hard to ensure the clowns currently sitting in the Capitol won’t be coming back next election cycle.

The job of the government from a politician’s point of view is to fuck over the people as thoroughly as possible.

One thought on “Minnesota Senate Doesn’t Want You to Defend Yourself”

  1. This is very disappointing news. Our representatives have shown complete disregard to our individual rights and safety. I have done my part contacting our MN Senate Leadership.

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