Police Block Off North Side Minneapolis

For those of you unaware tornados touched down in the northern region of Minneapolis and caused some pretty major damage. The local police have basically blocked the region off and sent those living there packing:

Minneapolis police established an “exclusion zone” Monday for a section of the city’s tornado-stricken North Side, where only residents will be allowed entry once officials deem the areas safe.

The impact of Sunday’s tornado is also closing schools, rerouting traffic and sending hundreds of people to seek shelter from their damaged homes.

Basically the affected areas are basically under martial law with curfew in place and everything:

Although rumors of looting were largely unfounded, the 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew that was first instituted Sunday night will remain for the next “couple of days,” Rybak said. The curfew is not only to deter potential crime but to keep people safe.

Remember citizen if you’re found outside of your home after curfew you will be shot or arrested depending on how the officer who find you feels at the time. I’m sorry but I despise government enforced curfews. They have no right to tell anybody when they can and can’t be in their home. If somebody wishes to walk around a dangerous area in the middle of the night that is their business and their business alone. Frankly I find it absolutely disgusting that government agents can keep your imprisoned in your home for whatever hours they deem fit regardless of any situation.

Those of you living in the areas affected by the tornadoes have my sympathies. You also have my sympathies for being subjected to government mandated removal of your rights.