Pennies No Longer Legal Tender

We’ve all heard stories of people paying fines in pennies and most of us cheer on this kind of behavior. The government may be able to put a gun to our heads and force us to pay unjust fines but paying it in pennies is one way we can at least stick it to them a little bit. Well that used to be the case as it seems paying in pennies will get you charged with disorderly conduct now:

No lucky pennies here: Police have charged Jason West, an aggrieved medical patient in Vernal, Utah, with disorderly conduct. His alleged crime? Attempting to pay a disputed medical bill of $25 entirely in pennies.

What’s funny is this charge came not from trying to pay an unjust government fine but by paying a bill to a private corporation. According to United States law any currency issued by the Federal Reserve is considered legal tender for all debts. Although you don’t have to accept Federal Reserve issued money for instant transactions you must accept them if somebody is paying back a debt which a bill can be considered. Apparently pennies are no longer considered legal tender though if this charge is to be taken into account.

One thought on “Pennies No Longer Legal Tender”

  1. Just another sign of freedom being taken by POWER HUNGRY PIGS!.
    ANYONE who participated in this GROSS injustice should be fired on the SPOT.
    Vernal Utah is FAMOUS for Injustice against its citizens and anyone unlucky enough to travel through Vernal women pulled into an unoccupied handicapped parking zone she pulled into so her daughter would not have to walk through some unsavory looking people in the p lot.
    She was an out of town only passing thru,All at once 3 or 4 Cops in an unmarked Car appeared and started harrassing her,and was going to issue a ticket He ordered her out of her car she ask why he then grabber her arm twisting it behind her to the point she had to have SURGERY on her rotqator cuff he ripped while being a macho man,this woman was a school teacher with a young daughter with her,Much like the man with his Wife and newborn baby pulled over for speeding and the cop wanted him to sign a BLANK Ticket when he refused because it was blankHe was tazered and arrested,another cop arrived and the one who tazered the man was laughing and bragging about it. ANOTHER Vernal Man was arrested for Attempting to pay his medical bill with PENNIES!!!!,ARRESTED and JAILED for DISORDERLY CONDUCT by these THUG COPS!. An Investigation needs to be done in Vernal Utah I have seen other injustices on Cops one lady going thru Utah was stopped for speeding the cop ask if she had any weapons,She told him She had an UNLOADED Gun in her luggage in Her trunk,ALL of her personal items were gone thru even though the woman had a PERMIT for this weapon and it was not a factor or even where it could have been used, I think her gun was “CONFISCATED” and She had to go thru the hoops to get her LEGALLY Owned weapon back CORRUPTION????? YOU BET! BEWARE of UTAH and COPS I would drive 500 mile out of my way to AVOID UTAH!.

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