Even Though We’re More Law Abiding the Law Hates Us

I still can’t comprehend the fact that most second amendment advocates are law abiding citizens yet the police seem to have it out for us. The Baltimore Police Criminal Intelligence Section recently issued a warning against people displaying second amendment stickers because such people could be armed:

….while the individual who is displaying the symbol may not be armed, the presence of the symbol provides an early warning indicator that you MAY be about to encounter an armed individual.

Looking at the rate at which carry permit holders commit crimes (it’s lower than the rate at which other people commit crimes) an officer should happy to encounter a second amendment advocate. Hell somebody who is a strong supporter of the second amendment are probably strong supporters of other rights as well… and now I know why the police don’t like us. Either way I have no stickers visible on my vehicle other than those put on by the factory so I’m not too worried for myself but I am concerned about those who rightly wish to express their support of civil rights.

I will say that this profiling situation has lead to me question what other stickers are being profiled by various police departments. Maybe I should get a bumper sticker made that looks like this:

I can imagine what the police profiling department will tell their officers about that sticker.

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  1. I don’t think that the average cop is bright enough to understand much past Anarchism…

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