The ATF Has Been Busy

It looks like the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have been busy in their operation to supply guns to Mexican drug cartels. Apparently the ATF have allowed over 1,700 guns to fall into the hands of known criminals:

At least 195 of the weapons have been traced to Mexico, found mainly at crime scenes, but ATF agents quoted in the report said more than 1,700 firearms were trafficked “to known criminals or cartel elements south of the border and elsewhere” under the operation.

“I cannot see anyone who has one iota of concern for human life being OK with this,” Agent John Dodson told committee interviewers.

I’m guessing they’ve allowed far more than 1,700 to cross into drug cartel hands but I’m also a cynical ass when it comes to government. The entire gun walker operation is interesting to me because of its implications. The ATF have been asking for increased enforcement powers because gun from the United States apparently have been crossing the border. The source of those guns is the interesting thing though as it seems to be the ATF itself. It would not be unprecedented for a government agency to manufacture a crisis and then use it to obtain more power for itself (like the FBI providing fake bombs to people and then egging them on to blow something up with said bomb).

Not only has the ATF lied to its employers (that would be us as we pay their wages) but they’ve also actively broke United States law which would get any regular Joe tossed into federal prison and labeled a felon for life. Regardless of how this fiasco turns out I’m guessing the ATF will receive nothing more than a stern talking to followed by a congratulations by some fuckhead “representative” for their work “fighting crime.”