Watch Police Arrest People for “Illegally” Selling Lemonade

Do you want to see some of Washington D.C.’s finest working hard to ensure you remain safe from illegal lemonade sales? If so here you go:

It’s nice to know your tax dollars go to ensure such rebellious and obviously dangerous people are kidnapped and thrown in a cage. The last thing you would want is people thinking they could partake in voluntary transactions without government permission in the form of a permit or license.

On a side note one thing I never understood is when cops walk up and put their hand over a camera. At the 1:35 mark one douche bag officer pulls off this maneuver which effectively… accomplishes nothing. Here’s a pro tip for our boys and girls in blue who are working diligently to ensure no lemonade dares be sold without government permission, putting your hand over the camera only prevents the camera from recording video for the span of time that your hand in obstructing the lens. This is going to come as a shock but after you remove your hand from the lens the camera can still record video of you being a complete fucking prick. To make matters worse the camera recorded your face when you walked up to obstruct the lens meaning you’ve already been captured on video.