What Gun Registration Gets You

I’m not sure how many times I’ve been asked why I’m against gun registration. Usually people who ask me this aren’t aware of my complete disdain and absolute lack of trust in the state. Either way the question is often asked, I give my answer, and the person asking the question accuses me of being paranoid and killing puppies. The fact of the matter is trusting the government with the knowledge that you own firearms can only lead to one thing, confiscation. Miguel over at Gun Free Zone posted a story that demonstrates this very fact:

Raids yesterday morning by detectives working in Taskforce Acer 17 netted firearms police feared could be passed to criminals.

The weapons were held legally by registered gun owners, but police intelligence revealed 20 had “connections to family or associates who were persons of interest to the Acer Taskforce team”.

Officers simultaneously hit 21 properties at 8am to ensure the licence holders were complying with all conditions.

A total of 21 guns – including 15 shotguns and ammunition for an AK47 rife – were seized.

21 properties were hit simultaneously and every legally (according to the state) owned firearm was confiscated because the firearm owners had family ties to or associations with people who were being watched by the Acer Task Force. None of these people performed any criminal acts, they simply had some kind of tie to people being watch (not charged, so likely people who also did nothing illegal) by the state.

The government doesn’t want firearm registration to keep you safe, they want it to ensure they can steal your firearms whenever it damn well pleases. There is no legitimate reason to implement firearm registration and plenty of illegitimate ones. Anytime the state wants to expand their powers and knowledge you need to ask yourself why. Never trust the justification given by the state because that’s just a cheap method of getting you to go along with their plan to further expand their power. Ultimately there is always a nefarious purpose being any expansion of state power or knowledge, you just have to find it.