It’s Good to See the FBI Handling the Really Important Cases

With all of the violent crimes happening in the United States I’m glad to see the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) are putting resources into the really important cases:

The FBI is investigating computer hacking attacks on celebrities after photos which appear to show Scarlett Johansson nude were posted online.

The images, apparently taken by the actress, follow the leaking of naked photos of stars including Jessica Alba.

The FBI said it was investigating “the person or groups responsible for a series of computer intrusions involving high-profile figures”.

Something tells me that if I took nude pictures of myself and they ended up being stolen by some malicious computer hackers that the FBI wouldn’t be performing any investigation. I guess I’m just not important enough to utilize their stretch-thin-as-it-is resources.

2 thoughts on “It’s Good to See the FBI Handling the Really Important Cases”

    1. Of course not, they’re far too busy with issues far more critical to our national security! I would hate to have to see the FBI take much needed resources away from important issues such as this to investigate piddly little issues like criminal activities perpetrated by our government.

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