Chicago Still Making the Possible Impossible

Although the McDonald vs. Chicago court case forced the city of Chicago to repeal it’s complete handgun prohibition the officials are fighting the decision tooth and nail. First the city said citizens can jump through innumerable hoops to get a permit but one of the requirements would be to receive training. Of course in-city ranges were prohibited so one couldn’t actually get the required training which created a de facto ban. The ban on ranges within the city was struck down so now the officials are looking for a new way to uphold the handgun prohibition and their new scheme is yet another catch 22 situation:

It would require gun range owners keep records of everyone who used their facilities after ensuring each patron had a state firearm owner’s identification card and city firearm permit.

Aldermen are retooling the gun-control ordinance they approved a year ago under Mayor Richard Daley. The measure outlawed shooting ranges within city limits, even as it required firearm training for people before they could get a gun permit.

In order to get a permit you must take a class at a range but in order to take a class at a range you must have a permit. So the question must be asked, what will be the next scheme when this one inevitably fails in court? Perhaps they’ll require a written test but prohibit any pointy objects such as pens or pencils inside the testing center.

A tip of the old hat goes to Days of our Trailers for this story.