Watch Eric Holder Squirm

There are few things as sweet as watching Attorney General Eric Holder squirm:

What a pompous ass. He literally state his refusal to provide Congress with documents related to Fast and Furious. Thank Odin that Issa has a spine and refused to simply let Holder get away with pulling such a maneuver unchallenged. The Department of Justice knows they were caught trying to advance gun control by smuggling weapons into Mexica and they’re trying their damnedest to cover the entire mess up.

While many people are calling for Holder’s resignation or impeachment I want to see that asshole in prison. This video demonstrates his complete disregard for law and order by his blatant attempt to cover up his botched gun smuggling operation. Were you or I to withhold evidence during a trial we would likely be ruled in contempt of court and held in a cage until we finally provided the desired information.