Cook County’s “Assault Weapon” Ban to be Challenged

It appears that the Illinois Supreme Court will be hearing the challenge to Cook County’s “assault weapon” ban:

Gun rights advocates scored a victory Thursday when the Illinois Supreme Court decided to allow a challenge to Cook County’s assault weapons ban to proceed.

The court ruled that lower courts were wrong to throw out the challenge. The Supreme Court said it wants the trial court to hear evidence on whether assault weapons get the same Second Amendment protections as handguns.


The ban was challenged by three Cook County residents who said they had perfectly valid reasons to own the prohibited weapons, from hunting to target shooting to personal protection. They argued that the law was too vague and too broad, with little connection to the goal of increasing public safety.

This could be good news to the denizens of Cook County but it’s even month on how the Illinois Supreme Court will rule. Illinois has a hardon for gun control and are the last remaining state that offers no means for a citizen to legally carry a firearm. Furthermore, even though the Supreme Court shot down Chicago’s handgun ban city officials have been doing everything in their power to prevent residents from purchasing handguns (and any other type of firearm).