The Canadian Long Gun Registry is Dead

Good news for my northern neighbors, the Canadian long gun registry has finally been put down:

The Conservative government vowed during the 2011 election to eliminate the long-gun registry. On Wednesday night, the bill to officially end the registry had its final vote in the Senate — leaving only a signature from the Governor General needed to officially kill the registry.

That signature signing Bill C-19 into law should come Thursday morning.

By a vote of 50-27, senators approved the bill, marking the last political hurdle needed to kill the registry.

It’s good to see Canada finally killing off the $2.7 billion registry that didn’t manage to solve a single crime. Of course the battle isn’t entirely over as Quebec has made it known that they want to maintain their own registry:

The Quebec government has asked repeatedly that records on Quebec residents be transferred so the province can create its own registry, but the federal government has steadfastly rejected the request.

Hopefully the federal government continues to maintain tight control over the long gun registry data. If Quebec wants to implement its own registry make it cost them dearly for their stupidity.