California Looking to Ban More Firearms

If you’re living in California I have one simple question: Why? Is it your job? It won’t be there much longer with the way California’s economy is going. Do you like living on the coast? There’s coastline is many other far freer states. Do you just like having more and more of your freedoms stripped from you by the California government? If that’s your reason then you most certainly should stay.

Earlier this month gun control zealots were stirring up dust about California’s so-called bullet button loophole. Because of this a senator wanting to boost is status has decided to introduce legislation to ban firearms with so-called bullet buttons:

“When I saw the news I was absolutely horrified,” said State Senator Leland Yee, referring to a CBS5 report about the so-called bullet button.

It’s a modification that enables the magazine of a semi-automatic rifle to be removed quickly, with the tip of a bullet. Removable magazines in combination with other features like a pistol grip and telescoping stock are banned under California law. But the bullet button is legal because it doesn’t work with your finger, so the magazine is considered “fixed.”

The modification has allowed military style rifles like the AR-15 to proliferate in the state, something Senator Yee said has got to stop.

“It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion,” said Yee.

That’s why the Senator is introducing a bill to ban the bullet button.

“What I am proposing is to essentially prevent any mechanism that would allow the conversion of an assault weapon into a way that you can fire these magazines upon magazines without effort,” he said.

You can tell Yee is a gun control zealot because he has outright stated that “there is no debate, no discussion.” He doesn’t give any justification because as far as he’s concerned it’s a self-evident fact. To him the people of California are subjects and must bow to his will and obey his commands.

This also demonstrates that no gun control law will satisfy the advocates. Every time a law has been enacted to control some firearm or feature the gun control advocates wanted controlled they have come back for more. First it was just a ban on “obviously” dangerous weapon such as machine guns and explosives, then they demanded all felons be prohibited from owning guns, then they wanted background checks and waiting periods on all firearms purchases, then they wanted to ban rifles with a list of arbitrary features, and now they’re demanding more.

Fortunately gun control advocates haven’t been having a great deal of success outside of California but they have had success in California. If your a gun owner, heck if you’re a person who enjoys freedom of any kind, abandon California. The entirety of the United States is becoming more and more of a police state every day but it’s still freer than California.

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  1. Oh well can’t have an AR but you can have a mini-14 which considering you have to stay semi-auto anyways is the better weapon choice. Still that damn 10 round limit though.

    1. Shhh, if the California politicians hear this they’ll move to ban mini-14s.

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