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Shocking Fast and Furious News

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Absolutely shocking evidence has arisen that shows high-ranking state officials actually knew about Fast and Furious:

A House investigative committee said Tuesday it has obtained new information from wiretaps related to the Obama administration’s Operation Fast and Furious that suggests high-ranking officials know more than they are telling Congress about the flawed weapons sting.

“The wiretap applications show that immense detail about questionable investigative tactics was available to the senior officials who reviewed and authorized them,” Issa said in a June 5 letter to Holder. “The close involvement of these officials — much greater than previously known — is shocking.”

Who would have guessed that there was corruption afoot? That was a rhetorical question, the entire Fast and Furious operation was nothing but a corrupt state scheme meant to bring in more gun control measures.

When Obama told the Brady Campaign that he was going to work on gun control under the radar everybody assumed he was either placating the gun control zealots or was going to promote gun control through some form of nation campaign. I don’t think anybody expected he would go so far as to authorize an operation that would get people killed and then try to cover the entire mess up. Then again we shouldn’t be too surprised that a psychopath, who ordered the assassination of two American citizens without any form of due process, also authorized an operation that was obviously going to cost lives (what other outcome could have come from arming violent drug cartels).

This new evidence is damning. Not only does it demonstrate higher ups knew about the operation but is also demonstrates that they outright lied about having such knowledge. It also shows the complete disregard for human life the current administration holds. Anybody could have told you what the outcome of arming violent drug cartels was going to be, yet the current administration decided it was OK. I’m sure they feel the ends justify the means.

Written by Christopher Burg

June 7th, 2012 at 11:00 am