Being Easily Offended

How can you easily offend the mayor of Washington DC? Easy, promote firearm ownership and safety to the denizens of that forsaken city:

A billboard in downtown D.C. promoting gun ownership and gun safety drew criticism from Mayor Vincent Gray.

“I think it’s offensive,” Gray said. “You know we work very hard to be able to enforce our gun control laws.”


Gray called the billboard irresponsible.

“To promote the use of guns in the city I think really is just anti-safety,” Gray said.

What’s irresponsible about firearm ownership and safety? Oh, that’s right, it’s offensive to the mayor because the Supreme Court told him that he couldn’t prohibit people living in the city from owning firearms. He’s offended because the Supreme Court stepped on his power trip.

One thought on “Being Easily Offended”

  1. “I think it is offensive [to speak out against oppression]. You know we work very hard to be able to oppress the masses. To promote speaking out against oppression is really just anti-safety.”

    That’s what he meant.

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