National Night Out in Anaheim Cancelled

Many communities participate in what is called a National Night Out. For those who haven’t heard of National Night Out it’s basically an excuse for community members to get together, party, and… somehow this raises awareness of crime and tells criminals in the community that the people are fighting back (strangely enough these are not promoted as open carry events). Yeah, I don’t get how it’s supposed to work either. What I do understand is why the National Night Out in Anaheim, California was cancelled:

n cities nationwide, people will gather at block parties, cookouts and exhibits Tuesday night for a National Night Out, a way to meet with first responders and learn about local crime-prevention efforts.

But in Anaheim, a city rocked by protests and violence, the event designed to bridge law enforcement and the public had to be canceled.

It seems the community is unable to effective fight the criminals who now possess body armor, machine guns, grenade launchers, and armored vehicles. The community has been devastated by this heavily armed local gang calling themselves the “Police.”