Ademo Freeman Found Guilty

Ademo Freeman, the man brought up on felony wiretapping charges for recording incidents of police brutality, has been found guilty:

Twelve individuals today decided that Ademo Freeman was guilty of three counts of felony wiretapping for recording his conversations with public officials per his attempt to bring accountability to a situation where it was noticeably absent – the assault of 17-year-old Frank Harrington, a student at Manchester’s West High School at the hands of Darren Murphy, the school resource officer and employee of the Manchester Police Department.

Ademo is ordered to spend 12-months in the so-called “House of Corrections” with 9-months suspended. He’ll then be under “good behavior” for the next three-years, which, if violated, means strangers with guns will force him into a cage at state prison in Concord for one-to-three-years. With “good time” he should be out in mid-October.

There isn’t much to say, the situation really speaks for itself. If individuals can be found guilty of felony charges for holding police officers accountable then justice truly is dead in this country. In essence Ademo will spend time in a cage because he witnessed police officers brutalizing other human beings and told anybody willing to listen about it.

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