Jeffery Tucker on the Presidential Debate

You have to love Jeffery Tucker, the man is a wordsmith. His quote on Wednesday’s presidential debate summed up the political system in this country perfectly:

Romney and Obama are both extraordinarily talented and smart. That’s what it takes to pull off the world’s biggest hoax. In their public debates, they must shamelessly play along with the expectation that they are masterminds of history’s largest and most expansive government with thousands of departments, millions and millions of regulations, astonishingly complex networks of graft and corruption, and legacy content dating back more then a century, and, further, claim — with a straight face — that their personal “vision” can encompass and control the whole apparatus, and, by extension, the nation and the world. They must pull off this ostentatious and wildly implausible display of the pretense of knowledge with the look and feel of genuine conviction. Anyone who can do this has to be pathological, if he believes what he is saying, or duplicitous to an extent that vastly exceeds the human norm. It’s all mightily impressive, so much so that the entire show could and should be moved to Broadway as a profitable venture. In that way, it could become consumer-pleasing entertainment rather persist in what it actually is: the biggest threat to peace, prosperity, and freedom in the world today.

There really isn’t much else to say on the subject.