Making Up Propaganda

The state has a habit of making up stories in order to make itself appear necessary and benevolent. For example the United States government has spend untold amounts of money convincing the people living within its claimed territory that certain drugs are bad. Needless to say the same government also like to brag about drug busts because it believes such busts will convince the people of the government’s necessity. Sometimes the state gets caught making up such propaganda and it’s usually quick to deny such allegations, even when those allegations are undeniable:

[P]olice still won’t admit the plants they seized in what was supposedly the biggest outdoor marijuana bust in Lethbridge history are plain old flowers — daisies, to be precise.

All police will concede at this point is the 1,624 plants torn from a suburban Lethbridge garden on July 30 isn’t marijuana, as first claimed after a phalanx of police marched in and starting plucking.

Daisies aren’t marijuana but the state isn’t going to admit that anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “Making Up Propaganda”

  1. Excuse my language but how in the hell do you mistake daisies for pot? I mean I have seen pot and I have seen daisies and they look nothing alike.

    1. Yeah, I don’t get that one either. I want to assume total idiocy on behalf of the officers but I’m guessing there are some layers of corruption behind this story that will reveal themselves later (we’ll probably find out the homeowner pissed a cop at some point).

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