Another Case of Police Gunning Down Harmless Dogs

I’m starting the believe that the state’s trend of breaking into homes and gunning down family dogs is due to the fact no repercussions ever come of such actions. If amped up police officers gun down a fellow human being there may possibly be a cursory investigation. On the other hand it appears rare that the murder of a dog is investigated in any way. At the moment this is my leading theory on why stories like this keep popping up:

There was nothing James Woods could do.

He screamed; he pleaded. ”Please don’t harm my dogs,” he begged police, who moments earlier had barged into his east-side home looking for marijuana.

Woods was forced into a corner last week when the first shot rang out – a 12-gauge shotgun. Woods’ young pit bull, Tank, who neighbors and witnesses say was confined to a locked fence outside and unable to harm anyone, lay dead in a puddle of blood, shot in the face.

Fearing police would hurt his two other dogs, who were inside the house, Woods cried out: “Please! They won’t hurt you! Stop chasing them! They’re just scared. ”

Witnesses told a consistent story: Police chased the dogs, Hump and Janey, around the house, shooting Woods’ longtime companions as they fled.

It takes a special type of person to wield violence against nonviolent individuals. These types of people generally enjoy violence and look for opportunities to wield it whenever possible. Should it surprise anybody that these types of people are habitually murdering family pets?