Playing the Gun Control Advocate’s Game Against Them

Via Uncle I came across another story that shows that gun control advocates don’t enjoy it when others playing their game:

As Cleveland cops exchanged gift cards and sports tickets for guns Saturday, they watched as a cadre of young men stood nearby and offered cash for weapons.


“Isn’t that something?,” said Police Chief Michael McGrath who was at the gun buyback, outside Public Safety Central at East 21st Street and Payne Avenue. “Here we’re trying to save lives and they’re right in our face, trying to buy guns cheap so they can sell them at a profit.”

You have to love McGrath’s double-standard. When the police buy firearms from individuals they’re “trying to save lives” but when private individuals buy guns form other individuals they’re somehow performing a malicious act. This double-standard is especially notable when you read the caption under the picture:

On Saturday police bought back 298 handguns, which will be melted in a furnace at steel company ArcelorMittal.

The police are potentially disposing of crime evidence, which isn’t going to save anybody’s life. Meanwhile the private individuals may resell the firearms they acquired to individuals in need of effective self-defense tools. Who knows, they may even sell those firearms are an incredibly cheap price. That could help poor individuals in need of a firearm, which would certainly have the potential to save lives.