What We’re Up Against

With emotions running high, gun control advocates dolling out death threats, and supposed friends abandoning us we gun control activists sometimes lose sight on an important fact, many of our philosophical opponents are really dumb. I received a screenshot from an anonymous source demonstrating the incompetency of gun control advocates. This screenshot is from a Critical Thinking class discussion board at Hennepin Technical College. After reading this one must wonder how such an individual could not only graduate high school but also get accepted at any form of higher education institution (click to embiggen):

These are supposedly high school graduates. Notice that their grammar and spelling would net a failing grade in any elementary level English class. On top of that the second person stated that the first person’s argument was good but there was no argument, just a long poorly written diatribe typed by an angry college student who appears to be incapable of either mastering the English language or expressing his thoughts in a coherent manner. It’s like stacking stupid onto of stupid. This is what we’re often up against and somehow they find other people that are willing to take them seriously. It’s almost laughable… until you realize that the author is a college student, then it becomes depressing to think about.