I Think It’s Time to Implement Plan B

In the aftermath of the Connecticut shooting the rate at which us gun owners are being sold down the river is probably the only thing in the universe that is actually faster than light. Former suporters of gun rights have come out in support of gun control and companies that previously profited from mutual exchange with us are now terminating our mutual relationship. We have been shown that those who enjoyed our support are willing to abandon us to the zombie hordes. Since we cannot rely on others we should band together with one another, we should begin implementing Plan B.

What is Plan B? Plan A was using the political means in order to preserve gun rights so Plan B a strategy to preserve our gun rights by using non-political means. Plan B consists of using modern household manufacturing technology to produce firearms at such a rate that cannot be controlled. Pioneers are making progress in this endeavor and we need to help. Right now gun control advocates are calling for another “assault weapon” ban. The only proper response to such a ban is to begin manufacturing firearms that are prohibited by “assault weapon” bans as fast as possible. Make it so anybody wanting an AR-15 can produce one. Work together with fellow gun owners to create decentralized manufacturing lines of AR-15s. Pool resources to purchase machining equipment. Decentralize production to prevent these manufacturing lines from being shutdown easily. Setup redundancies.

Consider the following. An AR-15 is, legally speaking, an easily reproduced milled out block of aluminum. One can punch out AR-15 lowers on computer numerical control (CNC) machines, which are becoming more affordable every day. If several gun owners pooled their resources together they could purchase a couple of these machines and operate them at separate locations. Designated members of the group could manufacture AR-15 lowers while other members could purchase machines necessary for the production of barrels. Legally recognized firearm manufactures may be prohibited from producing AR-15 rifles but that doesn’t mean manufacturing such rifles is impossible, it merely means production needs to take place “underground.”

Organizing in cells is often considered a tactic utilized only by terrorists but such tactics have also been utilized by radical groups throughout the ages. Radical groups have traditionally developed under tyrannical states. Eventually things become so bad that individuals are willing to risk standing against the state’s decrees to fight for what they believe in. As gun owners we must recognize that we are, in fact, now radicals. We are advocating for social reform, namely the transfer of power from the state back to the people. As radicals we are also future targets of the state’s aggression. Every shooting rekindles the state’s drive to increase its power and reduce our own. Politicians, like vultures, descend on the copses of those killed with firearms and gorge themselves. They know that by exploiting tragedy they can increase their hold on the people by getting a majority of them to voluntarily cede power. What stands between the state and absolute power are those who refuse to capitulate. If we want to have any chance of maintaing our gun rights we must refuse to capitulate, we must actively resist our aggressors. By working in cells we can ensure that stomping us out will be very expensive. By manufacturing verboten firearms we can actively resist the state’s attempt to grab power. In the end we can make gun control irrelevant.