Emperor Obama Coming to Minneapolis to Push Gun Control

It appears that the Emperor will be in Minneapolis today to push for gun control:

The fate of his gun proposals on Capitol Hill uncertain, President Barack Obama is seeking to rally support from the public and law enforcement community for his calls to ban assault weapons and install universal background checks for gun buyers.

Obama will pitch his proposals to stem gun violence Monday in Minnesota, a Democratic-leaning state where officials have been studying ways to reduce gun-related attacks and accidents for several years. His visit to the Minneapolis Police Department’s Special Operations Center will mark the first time Obama has campaigned on his controversial proposals outside of Washington.

This seems like a complete waste of everybody’s time. The Minneapolis Police Department have a long history of authoritarianism. Obama doesn’t need to convince that department to advocate gun control, that department would love nothing more than knowing that the entire population of Minneapolis was entirely at their mercy. Likewise most of the metropolitan population is already convinced that they are better off unarmed. Thankfully we have a large enough rural population that we’ve been able to maintain some gun rights in this state. Still, Obama’s time coming to Minneapolis to advocate gun control is nothing more than an expensive act of preaching to the choir.

2 thoughts on “Emperor Obama Coming to Minneapolis to Push Gun Control”

  1. Don’t forget that it also gets him face time with our state reps who will be voting on his dream package of restrictions in the next couple of weeks. Plenty of oportunity to offer them cushy landing spots if they get ousted because of it.

    1. Yup. The threat of being voted out of office quickly loses its meaning when the politicians know they’ll be getting cushy lobbyist, advisory, or ambassador positions when they’re out of office. In all likelihood Obama was letting the advocates of gun contro know that the state takes care of its own.

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