R.T. Rybak’s Proposal to Advance Gun Control

When Minneapolis’s mayor, R.T. Rybak, isn’t trying to control everybody’s lives… scratch that, he’s always trying to control everybody’s lives. In his crusade against gun rights Rybak has come up with a new strategy, he’s going to make gun manufacturers commit business suicide in order to get contracts with the Minneapolis Police Department:

Mayor R.T. Rybak has introduced a way for cities to gain leverage in their efforts to pass stricter gun control laws across the country.

Rybak told members of the City Council’s Public Safety and Civil Rights Committee that he and mayors from approximately 60 cities are taking a closer look at the companies that manufacture the guns and ammunition that cities buy for police officers.

He said over the past eight years the city has spent nearly $800,000 on guns and ammunition. Rybak, who supports stricter gun control laws, wants to work with firearms manufacturers to reduce gun-related crime and violence. He wants to know if those companies also are lobbying against tighter gun laws.

“If we find out they’re not partners, and if we find out they’re working against us, then we all ought to have a conversation as taxpayers about whether our dollars should be used for people who are not working to reduce gun violence,” Rybak said.

In other words gun manufacturers who refuse to support gun control may find themselves disqualified from Minneapolis Police Department contracts. This has to be one of the more pathetic attempts to promote gun control. Rybak has effectively demanded that gun manufacturers destroy their business by alienating their non-state customers in order to get or keep their state customers. I think we all remember what happened when Smith and Wesson signed on with Clinton’s gun control push:

Consumers began refusing to buy S&W products and the market became flooded with used S&W goods that people wanted no part of. Gun enthusiasts saw the company as breaking solidarity with them, as a traitor and perpetrator of gun control. Consumers severely punished the firm for its disloyalty.

Needless to say, S&W was taken completely off guard by the response.

The firm experienced an immediate sales decline of nearly 40 percent in the year after its compromise.

I can’t see many gun manufacturers making the same mistake (or in Smith and Wesson’s case, making the same mistake twice).

4 thoughts on “R.T. Rybak’s Proposal to Advance Gun Control”

  1. Actually, this is awesome. What better way to get guns out of the hands of small minded bigots that work against our civil rights than for those administrations to boycott all the gun companies that sell to the general citizenry.

    This is a win all the way around!

  2. I’m sure companies can make more off the civilian market. Maybe these companies should boycott big cities and not sell any guns or spare parts to them. Let’s see which side cries uncle first.

    1. That’s actually one of the best ideas I’ve heard Zerg. Perhaps police officers would be less inclined to kill everybody’s dog if they actually had to pay the same price for ammunition as us lowly serfs.

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