Gun Ownership in Latin America

As this country continues to go the way of Rome I’ve been looking at escaping this sinking ship of a nation before things get too bad. While performing my research on foreign lands I came across an excellent podcast called The Expat Files. The Expat Files is a podcast done by John Mueller, a man who left the United States and has lived in various Latin American countries for over 20 years. The most recent episode discussed gun ownership in Latin America. Honestly, based on what Muller said, it seems many Latin American countries are freer than our own. He mentioned that many countries do have laws requiring registration, licensing, and the usual slew of gun control advocate demands but the laws are not enforced because most Latin American countries lack the resources to run a police state. On top of that many countries in Latin America don’t bother enacting gun control legislation because they know people, especially those living in rural areas, will simply ignore them. I also found it rather interesting that it’s normal to see individuals walking around with pistols strapped to their hip as we’re often told that the United States is one of the few countries that allow such activities.

Overall escaping this country and heading to a place where the state’s decrees aren’t enforced sounds better and better. It’s obvious that things are going well in the United States nor are they going to be improving anytime soon. Between the never ending wars, deflating currency, faltering economy, and draconian state the United States is becoming uninhabitable. If you’re interested in escaping this ship but want to keep participating in the shooting sports I’d advise you to listen to the lastest episode of The Expat Files because Latin America may be a better option than sticking around here.