Californians are Paying for Their Own Oppression

It’s bad enough that the state steals money from the general populace but it adds insult to injury when the state uses that stolen money to further oppress the very people it’s stealing from. The Californian government has set aside $24 million of stolen funds to steal peoples’ guns:

The California state legislature passed a bill Thursday approving $24 million to expedite the confiscation of the estimated 40,000 handguns and assault weapons illegally owned by Californians.

SB 140, authored by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), seeks to remedy the gun-confiscation backlog that has left thousands of illegal guns on the streets, including those owned by those with criminal convictions or serious mental illness.

“We are fortunate in California to have the first and only system in the nation that tracks and identifies individuals who at one time made legal purchases of firearms but are now barred from possessing them,” Leno said in a statement. “However, due to a lack of resources, only a few of these illegally possessed weapons have been confiscated, and the mountain of firearms continues to grow each day.”

What Mark Leno should have said was “We are fortunate in California to have a detailed firearm registration system that allows us to confiscate firearms we later declare verboten from people we no longer approve of.” This exemplifies the dangers of gun registries, they always end in confiscation. It also demonstrates why people should take a serious look at buying firearms on the “black” market. Instead of worrying about whether the state is later going to confiscate your legally purchased, and therefore registered, firearm you can sleep well at night knowing that your property is unknown to the state and therefore less likely to be stolen from you. That’s the only good thing about gun control laws, they encourage people to move their firearm purchased underground away from the Big Brother’s watchful gaze.

2 thoughts on “Californians are Paying for Their Own Oppression”

  1. They are literally using a Soviet form of punishment by taking away guns from people who haven’t even committed a crime, but have for one reason or another been deemed “mentally ill.”

    There is no scientific test to determine whether or not someone is mentally ill, which makes it the perfect way to disarm anyone the state disapproves of.

    1. According to the latest DSM we’re all mentally ill so basing prohibitions on mental illness is a shoe in.

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