Adam Kokesh Arrested

Adam Kokesh, the man who has won some notoriety in the gun rights community for planning an armed march in Washington DC, has been arrested:

Former marine, radio host and political activist Adam Kokesh was arrested at a marijuana legalization assembly in Philadelphia today, according to video and Facebook posts.

In a video of the Smoke Down Prohibition rally, policemen can be seen entering a crowd of activists, and shortly afterwards emerging with Kokesh in tow.

According to his Facebook page, Kokesh was reportedly hauled away in a white Chevy Suburban, although he “hadn’t even smoked yet,” while “other protesters were actually smoking and released after arrest…”

When I discussed Kokesh’s planned march I mentioned the possibility of his arrest happening before the event. It’s no atypical for the state to begin harassing somebody who is publicly making a mockery of its power so it comes as no surprise that the man who is planning to lead an armed march on Washington DC has not been arrested. At this point the arrest could be pure harassment or it could lead to actual charges, which would make this entire situation far more interesting.

4 thoughts on “Adam Kokesh Arrested”

  1. He was arrested for resisting arrest. Not for anything else just for resisting arrest. So now the state can arrest you for nothing and claim you resisted arrest.

    1. Arrested for resisting arrest? Although I admit that I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed I’m left wondering how one can resist arrest until they’re being arrested for something.

  2. Also from what I have seen the Feds are about to learn of the Streisand effect again with an even larger than expected turnout whether or not Kokesh ever is released for the Independence day march on DC.

  3. later they added on assaulting an officer but given the number of cameras on the scene that charge would only stick in a patently corrupted trial. This was as blatant an intimidation tactic they could conceive of and it failed.

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