3D Printed Rifle Successfully Fires 14th Round

Prepare for more pants shitting hysteria from the idea because another 3D printed firearm, this time a rifle, has managed to fire more than one round without harming its operator:

Just the opposite: Designers have moved beyond handguns to produce rifles with 3D printers. The world’s first 3D-printed rifle, named “The Grizzly” after Canadian-built tanks that were used in World War II, was fired in June, but the first shot fractured the barrel receiver.

The creator, a Canadian man who goes simply by “Matthew,” refined his design and posted a video Friday on YouTube of the Grizzly 2.0 successfully firing 3 rounds of Winchester bullets. The video description says the Grizzly 2.0 fired 14 rounds before it cracked. The new rifle was also safe enough for Matthew to fire it by hand rather than by the string system used in the first test.

Here’s the video:

Before the media begins its fear mongering by telling everybody that this gun can get through airport security and will be used to hijack planes let’s stop and think logically for a minute. Although it has successfully fired 14 rounds without maiming its operator, the Grizzly is still a plastic gun, which means the extent of its life is going to be relatively short. Like the Liberator handgun, the Grizzle rifle is cumbersome to reload. The barrel has to be twisted and removed, the spent cartridge must be pushed out with a rod, a new round must be placed in the barrel, and the barrel must be inserted and twisted back onto the rifle. In other words it’s very slow to operate. With that said, the design is almost certain to advance quickly. We’re in the infancy of 3D printed firearms and it’s an exciting time to be involved in the shooting community.