Come Back With a Warrant

I have another story that emphasizes the rule we must all follow: never voluntarily allow state employees into your domicile. The job of the police isn’t to protect the people, it’s to exploit them. Police officers are tasked with finding evidence of a crime, kidnapping suspects, and executing those who resist. Today’s story involves a search for evidence relating to a fatal car accident that ended in the arrest of somebody who wasn’t suspected of any wrongdoing:

The car crash also has had consequences for Hall’s father, Aaron. When police performed a search related to Cody’s case in June, they came upon a gun safe containing two illegal assault weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition, The San Jose Mercury News reported.

As a convicted felon, Aaron Hall is barred from owning any firearms. He was arrested and has been freed on bail. The Mercury News reports that his felony convictions occurred nearly 20 years ago.

You have to admire how the media was able to take a simple fact, that illegally possessed firearms and ammunition were found, and make it sound scarier by stating that “assault weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition” were found. But I digress. The main point I want to raise is the fact that the suspect’s father, Aaron Hall, was arrested because police entered his home to search for evidence of his son’s crime. During their search the police came across evidence of an entirely unrelated crime perpetrated by a completely different person. That person is now in a cage and the police get to pat themselves on the back because they managed to kidnap two potential slave laborers for the prison-industrial complex.

This kind of scenario could happen to anybody. People naively think they are doing nothing wrong but there are so many laws on the books that each of us likely commit three felonies a day. Police entering your home can use any evidence they come across to charge and arrest you. Do you want to run the risk of a police officer seeing something that you didn’t know was illegal in your home with the astronomical number of laws currently on the books?