AgoraFest 2013

I’ve got nothing for you today, sorry. This week has been a little hectic as I’ve been finishing up what I need to do for my AgoraFest talks. If you look at the schedule you’ll note that I’m doing four presentation on crypto-anarchy covering Off-the-Record Messaging, OpenPGP, Tor, and TrueCrypt. I will also be giving a short presentation during the Ten Talks about my idea to stop basing societal agreements on geographic location.

To make matters more difficult access to reliable Internet connectivity is in question so I’ve had to build a couple of server images to host the software I want to distribute and perform the demonstrations on. Nothing makes crypto-anarchy talks more exciting than questionable Internet connectivity.

Anyways, I plan to be back on Monday with more material. Until then enjoy yourselves and remember that it’s not too late to sign up for AgoraFest.