Government Shutdown Part III

I made it to the police station. As I feared none of the cops showed up to work and there’s absolutely no government here. The gangs haven’t raided this place yet so I’m able to find some reprieve from the collapse of civilization. Originally I planned to take the police’s Bearcat if no officers were present but seeing the roads in such disarray I doubt I could navigate that monster. Instead I opted to take some body armor, grenades, .308, and .45. Once again I left the poodle killing 9mm and 5.56x45mm weapons. Every Internet gun board aficionado knows that such weaponry is reserved for show and tell, not combat, which is also why the police keep a stockpile of actual combat calibers on hand. I did take the liberty of disabling the guns through. Why give the gangs any ideas of arming themselves?

I also raided the kitchen. Power has been spotty since the government shutdown but the inside of the fridge still felt cold so I took my chances. The stove was gas powered and still operated so I cooked up a quick meal. There was no reason to eat the emergency food in my bug-out bag if I didn’t need to. Food that was portable and nonperishable was added to my bug-out bag.

Looking around the station I happened upon a radio. Flicking it on and keeping the volume low to avoid attracting more gang members I slowly cycled through the available channels. Most of the channels were filled with static but one had a person broadcasting, what seemed to be, a new report. From what I gathered he was in Minneapolis where things were bag but he alluded to some possible government near the Hennepin Hilton (the Hennepin County Jail for those of you not from around here). I knew I couldn’t stay in my current location for long so I had to make a quick decision. Keep heading out of the metropolitan area and take my chances with rural Minnesota or head into Minneapolis and possibly find some government.

I decided to head into Minneapolis. In all likelihood, without government, the people living in the rural areas had already turned to cannibalism.