Government Shutdown Part IV

Even on the Cedar Lake Regional Trail things are bad. As I continued towards Minneapolis I was attacked by wild dogs. Without the government to control predator populations their numbers have exploded. Prey populations have already been exhausted. Now predatory animals are hunting humans in a last ditch effort to save themselves from starving. I was lucky, the pack that attacked me wasn’t very organized. They all jumped out from the same side so I was able to swerve my bike, draw my Glock, and put rounds into several of the lead dogs. Seeing an opportunity for an easy meal the trailing dogs began to dead their own dead. This put much needed distance between myself and those vicious beasts.

After that encounter I came across another person biking the trail. Internet gun boards always said that USPSA would get me killed and it almost did. Hoping I could join forced with this biker I greeted him. The fucker drew a gun on me and started firing. Fortunately his aim was on par with a New York City police officer, which afforded me time to draw my Glock and put two rounds in the bastards head. I learned a valuable lesson during this encounter: unlike USPSA, there are no no-shoots in this world absent of government. After searching his corpse for any valuable items, of which there were none, I continued on hoping another dead body would keep any nearby predators off of my ass.

Seeing the multimillion dollar apartment complexes and homes burning in the distances I known that I’m quickly approaching Lake Calhoun, which serves as the unofficial border between the suburbs and Minneapolis. Things are likely to get worse since the gangs have likely converged on this area to pillage from the wealthy lakeside dwellings.

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