The Beauty of Rebellion

Seeing outright rebellion in the United States is a beautiful thing. The recent government “shutdown” has cause headaches for many vacation goers. The government decided that the best way to punish us for its inability to get along was to shutdown anything that may be used by the average American. As it turns out, the legitimacy of this decision isn’t being recognized by some of those very Americans:

It turns out families on vacation are enjoying America’s national parks even without the government’s blessing. Families are throwing orange cones aside at Mount Rushmore, ignoring barricades at Zion National Park and taking grinning selfies next to signs in the Badlands announcing the National Park Service facility is closed. Twitter and Instagram give testament to determined dads driving straight over traffic cones or throwing them aside to clear the way for the family vacations they’ve been planning long before a government shutdown was announced. Be safe, you pioneers, and give a shout-out to the park rangers, who are one genre of government worker we know must be truly missing their offices this week.

It’s nice to see people giving the state a giant middle finger. There are no legitimate reasons for the state to shutdown these parks. Vacation goers tend to enjoy them without the few services provided by state employees. Looking at Mount Rushmore, for example, requires no work whatsoever on the state’s behalf. Shutting down the monument was nothing more than a spiteful swipe at the American people. I think members of both parties believe that if they beat us long enough we’ll demand the other party cut their shit out and approve a bill.