Guns are for Me, Not for Thee

The aftermath of shootings are predictable. Government agents and their cronies go on spiels about how we need to reduce the number of guns. At the same time they’re telling us that they need more guns:

WASHINGTON — The union representing airport screeners for the Transportation Security Administration says Friday’s fatal shooting of an agent at Los Angeles International Airport highlights the need for armed security officers at every airport checkpoint.

“Every local airport has its own security arrangement with local police to some type of contract security force,” said J. David Cox Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees, which represents the screeners. “There is no standardization throughout the country. Every airport operates differently. Obviously at L.A. there were a fair number of local police officers there.”

You have to love the state’s logic. It tells us that guns are both good and evil, that we need more and less, and that two plus two equals five. I think the rampant inconsistency inherit in statism is a major part of what I’m an anarchist.

There is also some dark humor to be found in the fact that the state wants to have more armed guards after every shooting but doesn’t want more people outside of its employ carrying guns. Apparently our lives aren’t as valuable as theirs.