I Laugh at the Control Freaks

The more unenforceable laws those control freaks who call themselves rulers pass the more toothless they appear to be. Busy bodies in the San Rafael City Council voted to prohibit individuals from smoking in their own dwellings:

In a unanimous decision, members of the San Rafael City Council have approved the strictest smoking ordinance in the country. Effective last week, Assembly Bill 746 bans residents of apartments, condos, duplexes, and multi-family houses from smoking cigarettes and “tobacco products” inside their homes.

How does the Council plan to enforce this law? It would require constant surveillance of every apartment, condo, duplex, and multi-family home in the city. Even if nosy neighbors rat out smokers the police still have to prove that the accused were indeed smoking. This law will join the long list of laws that get passed with no regards to enforcement. Each of those laws makes the control freaks look more pathetic. This is why I welcome more of these ridiculous laws.