More Puppycide

At this point news articles about cops killing dogs is a daily event. But this story has an interesting slant:

David Kuge, the county’s chief probation officer, said two officers were contacting a post-release offender on Sequoia Drive in Oildale.

The officers rattled the gate to see if dogs would come out. They had previously been told that there were dogs at the home, and that the dogs would bite, according to Kuge.

No dogs initially came running, so the officers entered the yard. That’s when two dogs came out of the pet door.

One officer got out of the yard. The other officer was trapped and shot one of the dogs four times, because he felt threatened, according to Kuge.

How did the one officer become trapped in the yard? The gate obviously opened both ways since the other officer was able to get out. Was the second officer holding the gate closed to troll his fellow? How tall was the fence and gate? Since they officers could likely see over it since they noticed no dogs came out when they rattled the gate I’m lead to believe it was short enough to jump over. Was the officer who got out of the fenced area pushing his partner back into the fenced area? Seriously, this story is fishier than the coast of Iceland.