Registration Leads to Harassment After Death

After the death of a loved one what’s the first thing you want to deal with? If you answer cops coming to your door in search of the deceased’s firearms I recommend moving to Buffalo, New York:

Buffalo, New York police are now visiting the homes of those recently departed in search of firearms as part of a new plan to help keep tabs on local guns.

The move, put into effect by Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda, is described as an effort to stop firearms, specifically handguns, from winding up back in circulation and off the books.

“We recently started a program where we’re cross referencing all the pistol permit holders with the death records, and we’re sending people out to collect the guns whenever possible so that they don’t end up in the wrong hands,” Derenda told WGRZ. “Because at times they lay out there and the family is not aware of them and they end up just out on the street.”

As they say, registration leads to confiscation. That confiscation may happen on a random day of the state’s choosing or it may happen after a loved one has died. But this story proves once again that registration is a stupid idea. Oh, and it also proves that the state’s goons are assholes.