Police Finally Told to Act as They Always Should Have Been

With the recent wave of opposition to the violent gangs commonly referred to as police many departments are finally telling their officers to act like they always should have been:

Police around the nation have gone on high alert, told by higher-ups and union representatives to wear bulletproof vests, keep off social media and make arrests only in cases most pressing and crucial to the safety of the public at large.

Emphasis mine. Assuming we’re happy living in a society where a handful of individuals hold power over everybody else, the handful of individuals tasked with oppressing everybody else should refrain from kidnapping unless it is absolutely necessary to protect people. If this recent surge of protests accomplishes nothing else, and assuming police officers actually begin heeding this advice (which they won’t), they will finally be doing what they should have been doing all along. I find it funny how this is considered a dire circumstance by so many officers. That really says everything there is to say.

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